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3 Most Effective Natural Toothache Medicine | Easy to Find

3 Most Effective Natural Toothache Medicine

For those of you who are experiencing toothache, the admin here will share tips on how to treat toothaches using ingredients you have at home. 

Toothache is usually characterized by pain around or inside the tooth. For the cause, it can be from tooth decay, swollen gums, teething, gum infection, and so on. 

Toothache can be overcome by using ingredients that are at home. The natural ingredients that can be used for toothache medicine are: 

1. Salt 

Salt is a natural disinfectant that can be used to heal wounds in the mouth and can reduce inflammation. 

The trick, take 1 tablespoon of salt, then put it in warm water (just a glass of water, yes). Use it as a mouthwash. Gargling salt water can not only relieve toothache, but it can also get rid of dirt that sticks to the teeth and can get rid of food residue stuck to the teeth. 

2. Garlic Garlic 

has long been used as a toothache medicine. Garlic is believed to relieve toothache and can kill bacteria that are between the teeth. 

The trick, puree a clove of garlic and then apply it on the area of ​​​​the tooth that is sick. You can chew it directly. Easy isn't it? 

3. Ice Cubes 

You can put ice cubes on your teeth to relieve pain. However, this is done if the toothache that is felt is caused by an impact that results in injury to the tooth. The trick, by sticking ice cubes on the sore area (ice cubes wrapped in a thin cloth). This method is effective enough to relieve pain in the teeth. 

In addition to using the ingredients mentioned above, you also have to keep your teeth clean by keeping your teeth clean (2 times a day, morning and night).

Those are some ingredients that you can use as a toothache medicine. I hope it's useful....

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