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7 Business Ideas For Millennials

7 Business Ideas For Millennials

Running a business does not only require strong business knowledge. Creativity is needed in opening up new business opportunities. Creativity needs to be done in order to be able to maintain the business in times of intense competition. 

Because, if there are business actors who are not creative and do not make new innovations, then be prepared to be forgotten. 

If you want to start a business, but are confused about what business to start? Let's take a look at some business ideas that you can try. 

1. Unique 

Snacks Unique snacks that are being loved by the public, for example, are processed macaroni and glass chips. You can start a business by selling snacks like this. 

You can innovate by modifying existing products. This macaroni business is usually the most favored by students or college students. 

2. Design of Mahar Money Mahar 

in the form of money is still one of the favorites of Muslims in Indonesia. Usually the money used for the dowry will be decorated first in a certain shape and form. 

Use your creativity to open the dowry design service. You can also partner with a wedding organizer (WO) to design a dowry. 

3. Graphic 

Design Graphic design at this time is really needed by everyone in marketing a particular product. This is because many offline stores are now turning to online. 

If you have switched to online media, of course you will need a product poster that can attract buyers. Therein lies your opportunity as a graphic designer. 

4. Custom Mobile Cases 

Smartphone manufacturers are currently promoting new smartphones. Therefore, the need for cases continues to increase. The case here functions as a protector so that the smartphone is protected from scratches. 

You can offer your services to friends or through the marketplace, that you can make smartphone cases with the designs they want.

5. Content Creation Services 

If you have the ability in the field of writing, then you can earn from that expertise. 

You can be a content creator on international or local freelance sites. 

6. Graduation Gifts 

If there are relatives who want to graduate, they will definitely give a gift. This can be an opportunity for those who have expertise in making crafts. 

This graduation gift is usually like a unique and interesting placard or also a caricature image. 

7. Ornamental Plants 

During a pandemic like today, sales of ornamental plants continue to skyrocket. Many people choose to spend their time taking care of plants in the midst of activities that are all done at home. So this can be an attractive business opportunity for you. 

Not only ornamental plants, you can also sell medicinal plants, leaf polishes, pots, or other necessities. 

Don't forget to use social media as one of your promotional media.

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