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7 Causes of Blindness that Need to Be Aware

7 Causes of Blindness that Need to Be Aware

of Eyesight is one of the vital abilities in every person. However, some disorders can cause a person to go blind. However, what are the causes of blindness to watch out for? Find out the answer here! 

Various Causes of Blindness You Need to Know 

Blindness is a condition that causes a person not to see anything, even light. Quoting to the WHO, a person is naturally blind if his visual acuity is less than 3/60. This means that normal people can see distances of up to 60 meters, and someone with this condition can only see less than 3 meters. 

Many things can cause blindness, such as genetic factors, accidents, and disease. Of the three causes, the disease is one thing that can be avoided. Therefore, you need to know some diseases that can cause this vision problem. Here are some of the diseases: 

1. Diabetes 
One of the causes of blindness that needs to be known is diabetes, especially if you have experienced complications of diabetic retinopathy. This complication can cause blood sugar levels to be too high and difficult to control, causing damage to the blood vessels in the eye's retina. Eventually, the retina is disrupted, which causes a person to lose sight. 

2. Age-Related 
Macular Degeneration Age-related macular degeneration can also cause blindness in a person. This disorder causes problems with the macula, the part of the eye to see in detail. So that there is damage to the vision that functions to see objects; when this happens, of course, all activities that use vision can be disrupted. 

3. Trachoma 
You can also go blind when you have trachoma. Disorders caused by these bacteria can cause symptoms of red, watery, and itchy eyes. Trachoma can cause the eyelid to fold inward and rub against the eyeball. If left unchecked, the eyeball will be injured and even experience inflammation which eventually causes blindness. 

4. Cataracts 
Another cause of blindness is cataracts. This disorder can make the eye's lens cloudy so that vision becomes blurry or unclear. Cataracts generally occur due to aging but can also occur in children born with the condition. In addition, this disorder can also occur due to eye injury, inflammation, to other problems. 

5. Glaucoma 
Glaucoma is a disease that causes increased pressure in the eyeball. This can cause damage to the optic nerve of the eye and eventually lead to blindness. The cause of this blindness is a hereditary disease and is more prone to occur in older people.

6. Uncorrected Refractive Disorders 
Vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism that do not receive treatment can cause blindness. The risk is highest when a person is nearsighted. It is also mentioned that this risk is higher in children who like to read and rarely spend time playing outdoors. 

7. Melanoma Eye 
Cancer that attacks melanocyte cells to produce melanin in the eye can cause blindness. This problem can occur due to complications of this disease. A person can develop vision problems slowly as cancer continues to progress. Immediate treatment needs to be done to prevent complications that can increase blindness. 

Those are some of the causes of blindness due to disease that you need to know. If you have one or more of the conditions mentioned, it's good to be careful with this vision problem. Ensure that your health condition remains prime so that all risks that interfere with your health can be avoided.

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