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6 Sports Recommendations for People with Asthma

Sports Recommendations for People with Asthma

For people with asthma, exercise may be the most avoided activity because it can trigger shortness of breath. However, several types of exercise are safe for people with asthma and are even recommended by health experts. 

Exercise is essential to maintain a healthy body and is recommended for everyone, including people with asthma. By doing these physical activities, the intensity of breathing also increases so that more carbon dioxide is released. Exercise makes the body automatically widen the respiratory tract, and it is perfect for people with asthma. Come on, find out activities for people with asthma here. 

Types of Exercise that are Safe for People with Asthma  
1. Walking 
Walking is the lightest exercise for people with asthma that can be done. A study shows that adults who walk three times a week for 12 weeks can increase stamina and keep their bodies in shape without the risk of asthma relapse. You can take 30 minutes a day to walk, for example, walk in the park or go to close places. 

2. Swimming 
This water sport is also recommended for people with asthma because it can train the respiratory system, improve respiratory muscle work, and increase tolerance for actions that can trigger asthma attacks. In addition, swimming can also loosen mucus accumulated in the lungs. But you should avoid swimming in chlorinated pools because it can trigger asthma attacks. 

3. Yoga 
Breathing exercises are essential for people with asthma because they can activate more areas in the lungs. Therefore, yoga is one of the sports that is also recommended for people with asthma. According to a study, people who practice hatha yoga for two and a half hours per week for ten weeks can reduce their dependence on asthma medications. Apart from yoga, one can also do breathing exercises with Tai Chi.

4. Aerobic Gymnastics 
Simple movements of aerobic exercises are safe for people with asthma. Besides increasing stamina by training the muscles, practice is perfect for improving breathing. It's a good idea to warm up before exercising and cool down after you're done. Do not immediately do gymnastics for an entire hour without resting. However, do it gradually, starting from the first 20 minutes, 40 minutes, and 60 minutes. 

5. Golf 
By swinging your arms and walking to the next tee while playing golf, you can reduce your asthma symptoms. Playing golf is also easy to do and not too heavy for people with asthma. However, be careful for those who also have allergies to pollen. 

6. Cycling 
Besides being fun and refreshing, cycling helps train heart muscle strength and increase endurance. If not done excessively, cycling is safe for people with asthma.

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