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Earn Millions of Income, Here's How to Successfully Sell on Shopee

How to Successfully Sell on Shopee

Are you also a business actor selling products on the Shopee platform? Have you been selling on this platform for a long time, but the sales results are only that much? If so, you need a sales strategy that can be applied so that later you can reach many users on the Shopee platform. 

Did you know that Shopee is currently ranked first as a marketplace with the highest number of users, around 97.5 million? Seeing these numbers, of course, if your sales strategy is correct, you will undoubtedly be able to capture many of these users. So then, what are the successful ways to sell on Shopee? 

How to Successfully Sell on Shopee to Be Successful  
Suppose you have passed the initial steps in selling at Shopee. In that case, there is another strategy you need to do so that later sales of your product will be maximized. Some of the successful ways to sell at Shopee in question are: 

1. Installing the Free Shipping Feature 
The successful way to sell at Shopee is to activate the free shipping feature in the store. Please note that if Shopee provides this facility with a minimum purchase amount of IDR 30,000 and multiples of up to IDR 200,000. This free shipping strategy is an attraction that has proven successful in attracting buyers. 

To activate this feature, you need to apply for the quality by taking a selfie while holding an ID card. When the free shipping feature is successfully activated, later buyers who want to shop at your store will be free of shipping costs. 

2. Make sure you already have a choice of attractive products. 
Usually, the more items there are in the online shop window, the chances of getting buyers will also increase. Therefore, make sure you have at least ten things. In this way, consumers can choose according to their wishes.

3. Post an Invitation to Follow the Store  
When selling online, one key to success is gaining customer trust. Therefore, one of the benchmarks customers can consider is the number of followers we have in our account.  

To get more followers, you can do strategies such as following our store and getting a 10% discount up to IDR 5,000.00. 

4. Participate in the Promo Program from Shopee 
Currently, Shopee provides many promotional programs for its sellers. One of them is with Flash Sale. Of course, in this program, you will give a big discount which will only be valid for a short period.  

In this way, later buyers will flock to buy low-quality products from your store. 

5. Make a Sales Recapitulation 
Even though selling at Shopee is online-based, making a sales recap must still be done to make it easier to find out the results of the transactions you get. Record all income correctly and in detail so that later you will know how the money earned from the promotion is carried out. 

6. Create Store Vouchers 
Everyone likes the discount when shopping. Therefore, to attract many buyers, you can present discounts on various products you sell at Shopee through the Store Voucher feature. 

Suppose you currently feel that your store sales are not increasing. In that case, you have to improve how you sell on Shopee, or you can use the successful practice of selling on Shopee above.

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