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Listen to this, how to invest with small capital that you can try

how to invest with small capital

Most people think that investing requires a large amount of money, so it's not surprising that very few people currently support it. But in fact, there are several ways to invest with small capital. You can start to invest without the need to spend a lot of money.  

Although the capital used is small, it is not unexpected that the benefits to be gained from this investment are very large. There is nothing wrong if you try to invest because currently, investment can be done by anyone from various backgrounds and ages because starting investment can be done with small capital.  

Various Ways of Investing With Small Capital 
For those who still think investing requires large capital, we will provide information on how to invest with small money and get big profits. Some of these methods include:  

1. Applying the cookie jar concept  
Investing and saving are two things that are still interconnected. Of course, you can save from now on to accumulate investment capital. But you don't have to worry about having trouble keeping because there are ways to invest with small money contained in saving activities.  

Or commonly referred to as the cookie jar in banking and accounting. You can back up funds and use them when you need them. Then, when the money you save has accumulated in large quantities, you will not worry because you already have money saved.  

That's when you can start making investments such as gold, stocks, etc. In essence, in this first method, you have to set aside money for savings which can then be invested.  

2. Following the employee retirement program  
This simple method can be done easily in your workplace. However, investments with pension funds are very small, and you will not realize it. Therefore you can make a plan for the percentage of investment every month. For example, let's say you specify that 10% of your income is to be invested in a retirement plan. 
3. Investing in property  
Property is one of the elements that can be used to invest with small capital that you can do very easily. If you think that property investment will only be suitable if rich people do it with lots of money. You might be wrong because property investment often generates profits with little capital.  

You can choose many choices for property investment, such as industrial properties, family residences, and offices. In addition, you can also select the method used when investing, either using crowdfunding or stocks. Finally, the profit you get every year from the company's dividends by following the rules that have been mutually agreed upon since the beginning of buying shares.  

You don't need to buy the property as a whole but only need to do a joint or collective if you use the crowdfunding method. As an example of real estate you want to buy for IDR 1 billion, you only need a minimum of 1% of the property's price to be purchased. When converted into Rp. 10 million only. 
That way, you will get a bigger profit from renting a property every month or year, depending on the agreement made at the beginning. 
Those are some ways to invest with small capital; now, it has been proven that you can only invest with small money. Therefore you need to try and verify it yourself. 

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