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How to View Hidden Applications on OPPO HP

How to View Hidden Applications on OPPO HP

Hiding applications is one of the actions that, until now, is still done mainly by parents. However, one of the benefits of hiding apps is to prevent some unwanted things. Moreover, for those of you whose smartphone joins the child.  

Unfortunately, one problem that is still common today is not understanding how to view hidden applications. However, this is not a difficult thing for information on how to view applications hidden on an OPPO cellphone.  

On this occasion, we will explain how to see applications hidden on OPPO phones. Meanwhile, for those who want to see what applications are hidden, you can see a complete explanation below.  

How to View Hidden Applications on OPPO HP  

Sometimes some people think that seeing hidden applications requires the help of other tools. However, seeing hidden applications can be done using the default system of the smartphone.  

It's an easy era like now, for how to see applications hidden on an OPPO cellphone is not a difficult thing anymore. Several options can be done to apply how to view hidden applications on an OPPO cellphone, namely:  

1. Disabling the Application Hide Application Feature  

The first way you can do this is to activate the hide application feature. Meanwhile, some steps or methods you have to do are:  

  • In the first step, you can enter the "settings" menu on your smartphone device.  
  • In the second step, when you are in the settings menu, you can choose the "Privacy" section of the menu.  
  • In the third step, select the "hide app" menu in the settings menu. 
  • In the fourth step, enter the password or privacy or pattern password you have previously used.  
  • In the fifth step, disable the apps you don't want to hide.  
  • Done.  

When you use this method, you will not see or appear again on the home screen. Of course, this method is also relatively more straightforward and uncomplicated.  

2. Using the Dial Pad Code  

To view the hidden applications, you can also do this by entering the access code on the dial menu in the call menu. Later, after entering the code, you can go directly to the hidden application folder on your cellphone.  

You no longer need to remove or disable the hide app feature. This can happen because all the hidden applications remain on the device; some steps or ways that can be done are:  

  • First, you can enter the call menu on the device.  
  • Second, you can also enter an access code with a hash mark and a star 
  • Third, between the hash and asterisks, you can also enter the code that was created when setting up to hide the application.  
  • When finished, enter the code #number#.  

By using this method, automatically folders containing hidden applications appear immediately. Unfortunately, this method is not widely understood by the public, even though it is considered more accessible. 


3. Disabling the Advanced Hiding Feature 

The following way to see the hidden applications on the OPPO HP is to disable the Advanced Hiding feature. This method is also not much different from the first. However, some steps that must be taken in this method are:  

  • First, you can open the application that says "Security Center" on the OPPO device.  
  • Second, go to the "privacy permission" menu. Third, press on the big lock logo four times.  
  • Fourth, enter the pin code or password that you previously created.  
  • Fifth, wait until this hidden application appears on the home screen and can be reaccessed.  
  • Done,  

When you want to apply how to view applications that are hidden on an OPPO cellphone, it must be adjusted to the Color OS. That is, not all types of OPPO smartphones that you use can be applied how to view the application above.  

However, the steps taken are not much different. When there is a difference, it is only in the critical part of the used cellphone. So, you can adjust again.  

Indeed, there will be no end when talking about how to see applications that are hidden on an OPPO cellphone. Moreover, in an era that is as easy as now, this is not a problem anymore. 


Just choose one of the ways to see the applications hidden on the OPPO cellphone above according to the ColorOS. However, don't let you choose the wrong one because, for errors in choosing this method, it cannot provide a solution to show hidden applications.  

Typing still can't be solved; you can also ask people who are experts in their fields. One of the most important things is not to suddenly forget your device or smartphone password. Forgetting this password can also be used as an obstacle in the process of seeing hidden applications. 

Well, that's a complete and clear explanation of 3 ways to see applications hidden on an OPPO cellphone. We hope the explanation above can help those who want to show all the hidden applications. 

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